Mission & Purpose

Purpose: At Radiance Dental Hygiene, our aim and purpose is to provide the best of oral health care to our patients offering a wide variety of professional oral health services consisting of four main categories:

  1. Preventive services to promote and maintain good oral health which reflects the overall health
  2. Educational services to help patients develop and maintain behaviours that promote better oral health and help the patient understand the importance of practising these behaviours on a daily basis.
  3. Therapeutic services to stop disease and maintain healthy tissues in the mouth
  4. Cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and tooth jewellery

We focus in the prevention and treatment of oral disease and pain management. Typically focusing on techniques in oral hygiene and removal of causative factors of tooth decay, (plaque and tarter) infections and diseases in the oral cavity. Our aim is also to educate every patient about oral disease prevention and the link between oral and systemic health.

Our Mission: Radiance Dental Hygiene will offer affordable dental health services at its best, quality never compromised. Join us at Radiance, and smile with confidence.

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