Quit Smoking!

You can make it happen!  It’s time to quit smoking! How do you quit using tobacco? Radiance Dental Hygiene will be your back bone during this process.

  • Set a date in the near future. This will allow you time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. Choose a time when stress will be lower.
  • Tell your family, friends and co-workers that you are quitting. Building a support system will improve your chances of quitting successfully.
  • Investigate and use all resources available to you, such as brochures, websites, and books.
  • Tell your dental health professional or physician you are quitting. Not only can they provide guidance and support, they can recommend tobacco cessation medication.
  • Avoid environments or situations that could tempt you, or put you in contact with people that smoke.
  • Anticipate triggers to tobacco and be prepared in avoiding them. Chew sugarless gum, go for a walk or pick up a hobby to distract you.
  • Reward yourself for reaching small goals. For example: treat yourself to a nice meal with family or friends to celebrate one week of being smoke-free.
  • Put the money you would normally spend on tobacco in a jar. At every 3 or 6 months, take that money and spend it on something for yourself such as a new wardrobe! Or even a vacation, you deserve it!

Quit Smoking 2

Quit Smoking

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