Vitamins & Minerals That Benefit Your Teeth

Important Vitamins & Nutrients That Benefit Your Mouth & Teeth

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps with the development of healthy teeth and gums and maintaining healthy gums. Vitamin A contains beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps to rid the body of free radicals. Free radicals damage cells through oxidation.

Vitamin B Complex

The B complex is made up of 8 different vitamins. B1 – Thiamine, B2 – Riboflavin, B3 – Niacin, B6 – Pyridoxine, B9 – Folic acid, B12 – Cyanocobalamin and pantothenic acid and biotin. Vitamin B complex can help prevent irritation of the inside and outside of the mouth. These vitamins are helpful in preventing cracked lips, inflammation of the tongue and irritation inside the mouth and gums. The vitamin B complex also helps against gum disease.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C when taken internally can help strengthen teeth. it is recommended that a vitamin C supplement should avoid contact with teeth as it can damage tooth enamel. Vitamin C maintains healthy connective tissues and helps keep gums and and teeth healthy as well as can speed up the recovery from oral surgery. As this vitamin is water-soluble and not stored in our bodies it is recommended to take in vitamin C daily.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium into our bones and teeth which helps to strengthen them. Vitamin D also helps teeth mineralize and prevent periodontal disease.


Our teeth and jaw are made up mostly of calcium. Calcium helps to keep teeth and the jaw bone healthy and strong. Consuming enough calcium is essential in the healthy development of teeth and bones as well as is an important mineral to maintain good healthy mouth.


Magnesium aids in the absorption of calcium. It also assists with activating many of the B vitamins. Magnesium makes teeth harder, helps to build strong enamel for your teeth and helps prevent the formation of cavities.


Zinc helps to control plaque, reduce halitosis (bad breath) and inhibit the formation of tartar.


Phosphorus plays an important role in the development of primary and permanent teeth. It helps develop the tooth structure and tissue membranes in your mouth.


Iron helps to prevent mouth sores and tongue inflammation. It transports oxygen throughout the body which helps prevents infections and build up of bacteria in the mouth. If taking supplements, remember that milk will reduce the amount of iron absorbed by the body and orange juice will increase the amount absorbed.

Eating a nutrient rich diet made up of whole foods is a healthy way to consume vitamins and minerals that will benefit your mouth and teeth. If you feel that your diet is not providing enough vitamins and minerals then supplementation can also be considered. If you have questions about vitamins and minerals and your oral health, be sure to speak to us at your next dental hygiene appointment.

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