When To Start Brushing Teeth

1. Start Cleaning Teeth Early

  • As soon as the first tooth appears, begin cleaning by wiping with a clean, damp cloth everyday.
  • When more teeth come in, switch to a small, soft toothbrush
  • Begin using toothpaste with fluoride when your child is 2 years old
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride before age 2 if your dental hygienist recommends it.

2. Use The Right Amount of Fluoride Toothpaste

  • Use only a small amount of toothpaste (about the size of a pea). Fluoride is important for fighting cavities. If children younger than 6 years old swallow too much fluoride, their permanent teeth may develop white spots.
  • Teach your child to spit out the toothpaste and to rinse well after brushing

3. Supervise Brushing

  • Brush your child’s teeth twice a day until your child has the skill to handle the toothbrush alone.
  • Continue to closely watch brushing to make sure your child is doing a good job and
    using only a small amount of toothpaste.

Always Remember: Early care for your children’s teeth will protect their smile and their health.

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